Plan B for the HTH at the NJEA 2010 Convention

Boy was I surprised when I got an e-mail from Kevin Jarrett regarding one of my sessions at the High Tech Hall this coming Friday. He e-mailed me to let me know that one of the tools I was using, was about to shut down. This was bad news for me as I was going to be talking about for an entire hour. But, as we know, there is always another tool and it was an easy decision to go with Dropbox as a replacement.

How many times has this happened to you? Was there a website or a web app that you have used in the past that is gone now? What did you replace it with?

Miguel Guhlin asked the other day for tools to use in lieu of Wallwisher. Well, I had a whole list as I had intended to use Wallwisher a few times that week and each time I tried I got “There is a glitch in the matrix” as an error. Dan Rezac had also blogged about the same issue. We always need to have a plan B.

Please share your Plan B experiences on this Voicethread. Not only will it be interesting to see/hear how we have all have coped with our favorite sites going down, but I am going to be sharing this with the teachers that come to High Tech Hall this Friday at the 2010 NJEA Teachers Convention.  I think this will be a great example. Thanks in advance for your participation.


Thanks @tombarrett for the “Interesting Ways To Use” Series

I’ve been meaning to collect these awesome Google Presentations all in one place. I actually was talking about it with the group of teachers I was working with yesterday as I shared the Google Docs presentation with them. Then, this morning, I saw this Tweet from a new follower.

brownswordI new immediately what Miss Brownsword was referring to and went right to Tom Barrett’s blog where he had posted all 12 of his Interesting Ways To Use series. I had contributed to a few of them in their early stages, but I was not aware of some of the newer ones, or how lengthy some of them had gotten.

Though you can visit Tom’s blog to see these fabulous resources, you can Google them, find them in my Delicious and Diigo bookmarks, I’ve also decided to list them here. Take a look. Perhaps even contribute. (Thanks, Tom, for setting up these collaborative resources.)

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