Shut Down Day-and-3/4

Well I had registered for Shutdown Day on May 3. (The link for seems to be broken now)  I successfully stayed off my computer, e-mail, Twitter, all my online networks for 24 hours. I enjoyed the time with family, friends and the outdoors so much I decided to extend the day a little longer and did not connect again until Sunday evening when I needed to complete a project for class and finish researching something for work.

I could do this again. I’m sure I missed something important, but knowing the wonderful people I’ve met in my network – they’ll fill me in.

May 3rd is Shut Down Day!

Can you survive 24 hours without your computer? Unless there’s a beach vacation involved, it’s a stretch for me, but tomorrow – I’m going to do it!

An experiment is going on to see just how many people can go without using their computers tomorrow, Saturday, May 3, 2008. To be part of the experiment, just register online, consider advertising Shut Down Day on your blog or website, and maybe even create a short video of what you did with all the extra time you had with family and friends while you weren’t on your computer using all that electricity. There’s a contest you can enter to win some great prizes.

What will you do with your time?