PodCamp NYC was a Success!

PodCampNYC was a fantastic experience at Brooklyn Polytechnic yesterday. Not only did David Gordon and I get to talk about the project we’ve been working so hard on for so many months, but so many attendees shared our enthusiasm.


Brian Brewer from http://www.cancerresearch.org/ had some great suggestions for us and offered to link our vcasts to his organization’s site once they were formally published. Christine Cavalier aka PurpleCar had a great idea for us to include a teenager in the vcasts. David immediately thought of a candidate for the job and I could see the networks in his brain working to make it all happen as soon as we got back to Jersey. And we also met Philip Campbell from the UK who sat in on part of our presentation. Phil runs http://me.dm/ and graciously offered to help us with circulation and had some awesome ideas on getting additional funding.  


David, Judy and I also had the chance to sit in on the Teachers Teaching Teachers with Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim and we  lunched with Second Life gurus AJ Kelton and Peggy Sheehy.  


Finally, as the day came to a close, we met some of the PodCamp coordinators. They did such a fantastic job. We even had free coffee from Starbucks – in NYC of all places!


I only wish I had met Philip from http://oovoo.com. Philip – I looked for you everywhere.


Check out my Flickr stream from the day.



We’re heading to PodCamp NYC

Tomorrow David Gordon and I present at PodcampNYC. We will be presenting about a project we have been working on for months now.


We’re still not really ready. We had been hoping to have edited more video and published all the video podcasts to Rutgers iTunes U and secured more funding, but best laid plans…


I spent some time today finalizing our presentation and realized it will be very difficult to summarize in an hour (from 1-2pm) what has taken us many months to put together. But I am very excited to share what our vision has been to help children, parents, classmates and teachers of children re-entering school after having been treated for cancer.


David and I (and everyone else involved with this project) are hoping that after today we’ll be able to forge ahead.