Gets a Facelift

The New and Improved
The New and Improved

Was I excited when I saw that, one of my favorite social bookmarking tools, had undergone a major overhaul.  Besides the aesthetic changes, they also have added some new AMAZING features.

I’ve outlined some of my favorite new features for you below. If you are a current user, you have to take a look for yourself to really appreciate the improvements. If you don’t currently use social bookmarking, please watch this video from the folks at CommonCraft to see how this Web 2.0 tool will be  beneficial for you.

The improvements that immediately caught my attention were:

You can now search a Bundle!! – I use Bundles in my professional development workshops, but I was frustrated that they were not searchable, so this is something that I was really hoping for.

They’ve changed the way the number of times something is tagged is noted. It’s now very obvious how many times something has been tagged. See the screen shot below.

Really know the people in your Network. See their Top 10 Tags in their sidebar and if you’re confused by their funky username – assign them a nickname.

Check out the video from the Delicious Blog Flickr Photo Stream and make sure to note that Delicious has officially changed it’s domain.

And to read about what’s new from themselves, just visit their website resource at

What’s your favorite part of the new-and-improved

iTouch The Future…I Teach Myself

It’s amazing how many applications are available for the iTouch / iPhone. So far, I’ve blogged about sites for music, math and science and I’ve only made a dent in what’s available to use with students. There are also many sites that we can use for ourselves for productivity and just for fun. Today’s post will be a little bit about all three.


· iDetect
This is an internet detection connector. If you have an iTouch, iDetect will automatically connect you to wi-fi if there is one available.

· Google Notebook – Mobile Version
If you have an iGoogle page set up for yourself, this is great to have access to on your iPhone or iTouch. You could use it in lieu of a Google Doc to access information on-the-go. I’ve used it to access sets of links similar to this Google Doc that I’m no interested in sharing or publishing as a webpage.

· Glide
Sync with your desktop to view Powerpoint and Word docs on your iTouch. It’s a complete mobile desktop. Here’s an article about it.

· Widgetop
This is the mobile version of Widgetop Check it out if you are a fan of widgets or if you are a developer and you’d like to submit one to them.

· Pogonotes
These “notes” are accessible beyond the iTouch unlike the notes that comes pre-installed – take a look at their site.

· iPhone Typing Test
Try it out – see how fast you type with one finger.

· iNetwork Test
Measures the speed of the network your device is attached to.

· iTouch RSS Converter
iPhone/touch RSS Converter enables you to bring your favorite audio and video podcasts without syncing with iTunes. This tool allows you more space for many music and video on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Try your favorite podcast and you can also discover many podcasts from other people’s choice.


· Quizzler
Preloaded quizzes for SAT prep vocabulary, Harry Potter Books, State Capitals, Animals and Nature and more. When you tap on the wrong answer it highlights in red. When you tap on the correct answer it highlights in green so you know to move on to the next question.

Purchase Quizzler Pro to create quizzes yourself.

WARNING: Quizzler was originally developed for Pocket PCs and Palm handhelds. You can adapt the quizzes for the iPhones and iTouches, but their website suggests contacting them directly with any additional questions. It makes me think they are working on developing software specifically for the iTouch.

· iBookmark
There is a function that allows you to import from


· iDoodle
I could have used this one in the iTouch Math sites for geometry. You can “replay” your strokes. New to this latest version of iDoodle – you can now add text

video tutorial found at:

· Free eBooks
They currently have about 20 books- supported by ads for Amazon. (There’s a link right on the main page for a “Deluxe eBook Reader”. It’s a link to buy the Kindle on

· iPhlickr
This site is not affiliated directed with Flickr -but allows you to search and view your Flickr photos or the millions of other photos on Flickr from your iPhone or iTouch.

· Google Talk
IM your Google contacts from your iPhone / iTouch

A few additional items I wanted to mention…

If you are looking to Jailbreak your iPhone – check out Mark Wagner’s blog. He is a fellow Google Certified Teacher that I had the pleasure of meeting in person at NECC in San Antonio last week. He has some great posts on the topic.

Wouldn’t it be great if Diigo had a mobile site?

Still to come iTouch Foreign Languages, iTouch Social Studies and you never know what else I’ll come across. Feel free to leave me a comment with some suggestions. And as always, there were a few sites I looked at that I didn’t list here. Feel free to view my Google Doc.

The Web 2.0 Whirlwind

Someone said to me the other day, “A Web 2.0 workshop? You can teach that with your eyes closed.”

I know the comment didn’t come from someone truly immersed in Web 2.0 and I know they don’t have in their Google Reader or they would realize just how difficult it is to keep up with all the new 2.0 applications that come out on a weekly basis.

So, I took a look at the eBoard that I used the last time I taught Web 2.0 at the Center. eBoards has been how we’ve organized information for our workshops at the Center for many years now. We have a partnership with Seacliffe technologies and we give every workshop participant a free eBoard for a year when they attend one of our workshops.

So I took a look at my resource at I wasn’t feeling the love. I had put a lot of time into it when I had used it last, but since then I had facilitated a half a dozen workshops in districts and a few presentations at conferences and had used various wikis and Twitter to provide the links to the sites.

Am I supposed to do a complete overhaul on this eBoard? For the teachers in NJ that have access to these resources – should I change the links or should I leave it so that they sign up for our summer workshops or again in the fall to update their web 2.0 toolbox.

I thought about it all day. I wrote my agenda, got together a few handouts (I try not to give paper in technology workshops, I prefer to give everything in digital form).

Here’s what I decided. Be honest. Tell me what you think and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m going to invite the (small) group of teachers to join me in a Google Doc as we create a list of web 2.0 tools we use during the day. This way they can make notes on each tool as we go.
Here’s the list of tools (I have 5 hours of professional development time)
1. Google Docs
2. iGoogle
2. Twitter
3. Skrbl
6. Tiny.url / moo url
7. Zamzar / converttube
8. VoiceThread

Friend vs. Network vs. Follow

I follow people on Twitter because I want to learn something from them and be a part of the conversation. They post links to resources that I’m interested in, they’re participating in conversations with other Twitterers that I Tweet with and it all makes sense to me. Some of the people I follow don’t follow me. I’m okay with that.

Many Twitterers have paired down their networks to make the conversations easier to follow and I can understand that. I pretty much follow the 1:1 strategy with Twitter, but there are many people that follow me that I do not follow as I am not sure why they follow me.

On Diigo, we send “Friend Requests”. Have you had any that have not yet been returned? How would you feel if they weren’t? What’s the protocol going to be with this new PLN? David Warlick Tweeted the other day that he wasn’t sure whether he needed to join another network, but I was glad to see that he joined Diigo as I requested his “friendship” so I could check out his links.

How do you all feel about this? Are all of “your networks” on reciprocal? Do you follow everyone on Twitter that follows you? Will you accept all of your Diigo friend requests? How do you plan to manage all of this?

I’m looking to my PLN for suggestions.

Social Bookmarking Conundrum

A lack of resources has not been of concern in recent months. Between Twitter, Classroom 2.0, my personal learning network and the all the Edubloggers, there is a rich source of information on virtually any topic of interest to an educator looking for information on technology.

The proof was in the pudding this past week when many of us “ed techies” decided to give a try. Within a week’s time, here’s what has accumulated as resources (and I apologize if I left anything out):

Steve Harrigan from Classroom 2.0 hosted a live event using Eluminate. You can find the recording of the interview with Maggie Tsai from and the corresponding chat log at

Diigo also posted a video on Youtube.

Kristin Hokanson posted her thoughts and ideas on her blog at

Liz Davis did a Jing screencast which can be found at

Ryan Bretag posted his ideas as well as some great visual aides at

So, if you still need some help defining the difference between (which has been my preferred social bookmarking site and I will continue to use it) and Diigo (which claims to be more powerful than existing social bookmarking sites), I gently stear you towards the resources listed above.

You’ll find me on both networks. I set my Diigo preferences to bookmark on as well.