News Spreads About Bucket Fillers

Back in August I blogged about the Bucket Fillers project my second grader was involved in last year. Part of what had me so excited was that the entire second grade was planning on implementing the project for this academic year. But it got even better than just spreading in the one school. I shared it with some first grade teachers I was working with at Ravine Drive Elementary School in Matawan, NJ and they and their principal decided to implement Bucket Filling school wide.

Tuesday was my first visit there since I originally showed them our Animoto back in September. Here’s what I saw:

Bucket Fillers in the Classroom
Bucket Fillers by the Doors
Bucket Filler Suggestions
Bucket Fillers for the Administration and Office Staff
Bucket Fillers for Everyone - Even the Custodian

The teachers I spoke with at Ravine Drive Elementary School said that Bucket Filling was going very well. The students, grades K-3, were learning how to treat others nicely and fairly. The Principal even told me that being a Bucket Dipper was considered a major offense by students. Hat tip to Debra Skaar at Evergreen Elementary School for bringing this program to schools in the area.