Google Apps Education Certified Trainer

Today I received the e-mail that I was accepted as a Google Apps Certified Trainer. 

The qualifications to earn this certification are:

  • Receive a passing score (80 or above) on 6, 90 minute Google Apps exams
  • Complete the online application including a 2 minute video
  • Demonstrate a proven background in professional development or technology training
  • Demonstrate areas of expertise in educational technology

The requirements for maintaining certification include:

  • Acting on behalf of Google
  • Log training events (3/quarter) – attendance, topics, dates
  • Stay up to date with all the latest features/releases
  • Participate in the community
  • Contribute resources
  • Maintain qualification (additional exams)

I’m excited to bring this to the Center and to New Jersey. I hope that being connected to this new community of learners will give me new ideas, inspire me to stay current, and open the door to additional collaborations.

Become an Apps Certified Trainer by visiting the Training Center.