The #eduonair conference and PD in NJ

On May 2, 2012 Google hosted its first conference using Google Hangouts On Air. During the 8-hour conference, there were over 40 presentations on everything from robotics to 1:1 initiatives to using Google Apps in schools. The presenters all donated their time to try this new way to present, interact and archive professional development. I have supported this form of PD over the last few years as I truly appreciate the archiving so that educators can go back at any time and watch again. Other organizations have been practicing this for a couple of years including Classroom 2.0 Live and The Global Education Conference.

Speaking of professional development. Did you read the article about the possible discontinuation of the 100 hours in NJ? I’m concerned about how the new standards for professional development are going to be determined in NJ. Though I strongly believe that teacher assessment should be driven by evaluations and student achievement gains, I also believe that there has to be a standardized directive from the administration on how much and what type of PD teachers should participate in.

What are your thoughts and concerns on requiring professional development hours for educators? How should the hours be counted? Who should determine what type of sessions are attended?

3 thoughts on “The #eduonair conference and PD in NJ

  1. My parents who are both teachers, who can’t properly text me, have been able to engage their students with the help of ipads and powerbooks teaching them math and reading as well as computer literacy at the same time. I’m excited to see what Apple has to offer!

  2. I absolutely agree that professional development hours should be required. Technology like Google hangouts and others have made it so convenient to participate in professional development. Teachers have no excuse for not using these tools to grow professionally. I think teachers and administrators should share the responsibility of deciding what type sessions are attended.
    This has been another informative post! I was familiar with Google hangouts from another post you wrote. Now, I can add Classroom 2.0 and Global Education Conference to my list of resources.

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