2012 – The Year I went with Apple

I have never owned a Mac. I used them in college. I’ve used them in Mac districts that I work with. Bu I’ve never had one as my primary computer. Until now.

When they asked me at my new job at Kean what type of laptop I wanted, I jumped on the chance to try something new. It was time to get a Mac. I have had an iPad since they were released in early 2010. I’ve had an iPod Classic and an iPodTouch for many years. I even got the iPod Nano and watch band for the holidays this year. But, I wanted a chance to learn about the operating system and some of the software packages only available for Macs. (Perhaps I wanted some of my friends that have Macs to stop picking on me as well.)

So, my Macbook Air was delivered to me at work just about a month ago. The first thing I did was install the Chrome browser so that I would have access to all my personalized apps and extensions that I had used on my Chromebook and PCs. But since then, these are the apps that I’ve asked the office to install for me.

I’m happy I made the change as I look forward to seeing what some of these pieces of software can do, but honestly, I really only use the Chrome Browser. The rest is just gravy. (Yummy gravy.)

7 thoughts on “2012 – The Year I went with Apple

  1. Since I primarily use a PC at work and need to support users on Macs, my personal machine has been a Mac for about 10 years. I even converted my fiance to Mac, and he loves it!

  2. Brandy says:

    I had never heard of the iPod Nano and watch band before. I always wanted an iPod Nano but I have a tendency to drop my Mp3 Players and phones and also lose them. If I had that though I would not, it’s very convenient for people like me.I think I will get one soon. I have used Gimp by the way, it is very useful for Photoshop needs. It just does not have as many features as a name brand one.

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