Broken Cookies Contain Fewer Calories

I have two Girls Scouts in my house. That’s twice as many cookies that have to be sold to meet their quotas. Twice as much prepping them to say “Thank you berry much” (ode to the new Thank U Berry Munch cookie.)

I was wondering how in the world the girls and I were going to meet their goals this year and then I saw my friend Erica Hartman post a Google Form for friends and family to fill out on Facebook. Shortly after that, I saw a neighbor of mine update her FB status to “Girl Scout cookies for sale”. Was this the route I was going to take with the girls? I wasn’t sure.

Well, we went out yesterday to sell to our neighbors. It started raining as we were out and the girls were getting whiny, but I told them we had to forge ahead as it was the time I had carved out to sell, sell, sell.

When we returned home, drenched, and far from our goal (we have wonderful neighbors, it’s just that most of them weren’t home), I updated my Facebook status to read…

"I was just out with the girls selling Girl Scout Cookies - determined - even in the rain to fill our quota. We didn't make it."


Well, I have an amazing group of friends, family and fellow educators because I immediately got orders for cookies. Some were from local family that I’d be able to deliver as soon as they came in and others were from ed tech buddies that I would see at ISTE11 and BLC11 I think there’s going to be a cookie fest at ed tech conferences this summer.

Now, please don’t take this post the wrong way. I am not looking for more orders (though the girls do want their badges). I just wanted to share another story about how using  social media can increase your reach.

(P.S. A favorite aunt of mine, long ago, had a magnet that read “Broken cookies contain fewer calories”. I still have it on my fridge. I’m sticking with it.)

6 thoughts on “Broken Cookies Contain Fewer Calories

  1. Molly Dekin says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I am one of the students following your blog from EDM 310 and I left you a comment on an earlier post. I am new to the education field (well, the teaching side of the education field) so I didn’t fully grasp the Educon post but Girl Scout cookies I understand. What a great way to sell cookies. I actually have bought some from one of my friend’s on Facebook. I think it is a great idea. When I was young and sold cookies, we went door to door. What a slow process. By the time my daughter was selling cookies it was sitting in front of a Wal-Mart or a grocery store. But the number of people you can reach on the internet is great. And who doesn’t love Girl Scout cookies.

    Molly Dekin

    1. Thanks for the comments Molly. I, too, remember going door-to-door. The Girl Scouts are not permitted to do that anymore, so we only go to houses where we know the people, which limits your sales a bit. But the FB thing – priceless.

  2. Hi! My name is Raley Zofko… you may have seen (or maybe not since you’re a full time working mom-congratulations) my 1st comment on your google earth post that I loved. Anyway, I am a student at the University of South Alabama, required to read and comment on your posts. Just thought you should know they are informative and enjoyable and I especially loved this cookie post about “using social media can increase your reach” because just recently I got Zumba certified and was wondering how I was going to get my name out there… so thanks! Good luck with the cookie quota!

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