I want to listen and soak it up

Beginning today, January 28, 2011, is the 4th annual Educon. This is my all-time favorite conference. It’s a huge reunion of like-minded educators, all gathered in the same place to learn something.

For two years now, I have led sessions with Liz Davis, but this year we made a decision to go to Educon, network, learn and participate in the conversations.

Would you like to participate, but can’t make it to Philly this weekend? Here’s how:

  1. Join the EduCon website and post a short bio and photo
  2. Browse the Detailed Schedule and read about the conversation offerings, sketch out which sessions you would like to view. (all posted times are EST)
  3. Follow the streamed Elluminate sessions by going to the EduCon conversation page and click on the Elluminate link.
  4. Follow the twitter hashtag #educon
  5. Post questions, offer links and resources, from the comfort of your own living room, all throughout the weekend in the forums.

By the way, for those of you not familiar with Educon:


EduCon 2.3 is both a conversation and a conference.
And it is not a technology conference. It is an education conference. It is, hopefully, an innovation conference where we can come together, both in person and virtually, to discuss the future of schools. Every session will be an opportunity to discuss and debate ideas — from the very practical to the big dreams.

I hope to see you there, whether in-person or virtually.

4 thoughts on “I want to listen and soak it up

  1. Molly Dekin says:

    Hi Lisa,

    My name is Molly Dekin and I am an elementary education student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I am currently enrolled in a class called EDM-310 Microcomputing Systems. In this class I am learning the important role that technology plays in the classroom. I have only been in this class two weeks and I am amazed at all the information that is out there to aid teachers in reaching their students. One of my assignments is to follow your blog. At first I wasn’t sure how following a blog would help but after reading yours, I understand. You have a wealth of information, tools and resources. It is incredible that teachers have the ability to share all this knowledge. While all this information is overwhelming to me now I can’t wait to utilize it in the near future. I am also excited about recommending your blog to my classmates. I think all of them will find a lot of useful information.


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