Are You Looking to Improve English Language Literacy Skills? Try Giggle IT

I recently learned about the GiggleIT program from Patricia Carmichael of The International Association of School Librarianship (IASL). This is a global collaborative publishing project hosted by the IASL, working in partnership with the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL).

The media release for the project states:

Designed to help children around the world improve their English language literacy skills, the GiggleIT Project encourages students ages 10-14 to contribute their writings to an online book (eBook) celebrating stories and humour from their culture. Humour, just like tragedy, is a vehicle that can be used to promote cross-cultural understandings and collaboration for children and young adults around the world. Children’s work will be published internationally and will identify their culture through literature.

Written by children for children, the eBook will contain children’s stories, jokes and poetry. The project will inspire children to be creative and make cross-cultural connections with other children from around the world as they learn about humour from other countries, while improving their literacy skills.

A range of competitions, and teaching and learning packages, will motivate and stimulate reading and writing skills whilst supporting the teaching and learning with examples and worksheets which can be downloaded into handouts for the class.

Patricia  uses Giggle IT in her integrated English, Social Science and ICT and library lessons in the middle school. She mentioned that it is very effective for grades 5 – 8, upper primary and  lower secondary students.

Please consider visiting the site. Here’s a sampling of the resources the GiggleIT team has created to help you get started:

I hope you will register your class to participate in GiggleIT 2011.

Hi Lisa,
We would love for you to share our project with your teachers.
That would be just what we want you to do. Plus any ideas that you have for improving this project.
We collect feedback from all our teachers and students and are at present collating this to further improve the project.
This project is for teachers to deliver to their classes in English classes, ESL classes, Library Classes, ICT classes, in fact it could be used in many areas of literacy education, information literacy and Information Communication Tech lessons.
I use it in my integrated English, Social Science and ICT and library lessons in the middle school.
Very effective for grades 5 – 8. Upper primary, lower secondary.
Our 2011 project will focus on Visual Literacy and ICT.
All our resources are free:
There is an online tutorial as well as PD manual that you can download, infact we offer a step by step tutorial:
plus over 54 separate handouts and donloadable worksheets:
As well as that we have a VOICETHREAD overview which we presented on Your School Library online conference:
This project is hosted on the International Association of School Librarianship website and the GiggleIT Team are members of IASL.
We are now looking for sponsorship partners “in kind” or as corporate financial sponsors. The IASL has a sponsorship program if you (your organisation) should be interested in this.
But if not that’s fine. We just want to spread the word and have many people involved in sharing the project with teachers and children in schools to share a love of reading writing and collaborating internationally. The bigger the project the more inclined corporate sponsors may be, to help us do this.
Lisa if you are interested in sharing this free project with your teachers, friends, academics, please do so.
We are now looking for Special Envoys in the US, and around the world to do this.
These people have online presesence and are visible in a section of the GiggleIT Project calle dSpecial Envoys, Friends of GiggleIT Project.
Let me know what you think.

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