I love, Love, LOVE Technology, but…

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I recently received an e-mail from a private school teacher down in South Jersey. She wrote that she had heard me speak at the NJETI conference at Stockton this past May.  She said that although her school technology has come far, they are still behind. The school does not have a network, Wi-Fi, or even school e-mail for the teachers.

I want to change that!!!!

Teri Matus wants to get the computers in the lab networked. She wants to be able to use free resources like Google Apps. She wants to get the staff communicating. She wrote, “I want to change that!!!” after she listed what was not happening in her school.

I am sure that there are lots of enriching and engaging projects and activities going on in Teri’s school. I am sure that the students are immersed in learning. But are they having experiences with the technology they will need in higher ed and in their careers?

I suggested the following three sites as sources for funding. But there has to be more.

  1. http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/grants
  2. http://www.donorschoose.org/
  3. http://www.bbycommunications.com/crnew/teach.asp

I don’t think that the need here is the hardware. The need is for support. Teri’s school needs someone to create a network (including e-mail and Wi-Fi) and then to maintain that network.  Please help Teri and I find outlets for private schools to get technology funding. If you would leave a link, name of an organization, or even a success story as a comment, perhaps we can help get this private school, and its students, better prepare for their futures.

16 thoughts on “I love, Love, LOVE Technology, but…

  1. Many years ago (1996 I think) when I worked for an engineering company, we coordinated an initiative called NetDay (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NetDay) in Monmouth County. While I don’t believe we reached every high school, the concept worked well for many districts including the one where I live. Parents, students, and local business owners / contractors provided time and materials over 1 weekend to install a network within a school. It took the concept of barn raising and applied it to technology!

    The company I worked for provided the network schematics for the schools to ensure the network would function correctly. I bet if this teacher reached out to the parent / teacher association who could then form an initiative to contact local business owners for donations and support, the school would have their network. It’s amazing what a community can do when they come together!

    The teacher might want to contact the organization that NetDay merged with to see if they can provide any resources. Good Luck!

  2. Ms. Thumann,

    My name is Samantha Deardorff and I have read your blog as part of an assignment for Dr. John Strange’s EDM 310 class. I enjoyed reading your blog and this post specifically. I will comment on an another one of your blogs in a couple of weeks and post a summary of what I have read on your blogs in a couple of weeks also. I believe that with all of the advances in technology in our society today, it is essential for teachers and students alike to have the opportunity to use technology.

    My Blog

  3. Lisa,

    How odd – I live less than 5 miles from Teri’s school! Not sure what funding I can find for her project but I can certainly try to connect her with projects and people in the area. Feel free to share my info with her and I’ll try to get together with her at St. Joseph’s.


    1. Doug,
      Thank you so much for replying and offering your assistance. I will contact Teri directly, but I know she has also been checking the comments for ideas and suggestions.

      I hope your academic year has got off to a good start and that we have the opportunity to work together again this year.

  4. Can microfinance/micro fundraising work for our educational system here in the US? Just wondering if all the suggestions here can be augmented with micro fundraiser??

    Also, the “barn raising” approach to installing a network is pretty genius! How about networking outside of the educational scene and hit up the tech, real estate, auto dealer sectors?? Having been involved in these sectors as a consultant, I know there’s passionate folks out there in NJ heavy in the social media scene that should be hit up for resources and ultimately $$ in exchange for trading out “social currency.”

    I have to be careful naming certain clients right now due to NDA’s, but I can say that trading for “Likes” and social status updates has equated to $$ for one school system. Message me privately and I’ll acquire permission to share the case study with you, because I think it can be applied out East in your area, as it’s been successful out here.

    Btw, really glad to find your blog! Your post on finding the Google Wonder Wheel ranks in Top 10 on Google…great SEO! 🙂

    Thanks again for all your info here on the blog Lisa. Another one to add to our blogroll…

    Best wishes,



  5. Hello Mrs. Thumann,

    It is me again. A few weeks ago I was assigned your blog for my EDM 310 class and part of that assignment was to do a follow up and post a summary of everything you have covered in a 2 week span. I enjoyed reading your blogs over the last 2 weeks and can tell you have a real enthusiam for your work which is something I admire about you. I wish you all the best in the future and God Bless.

  6. Hey Mrs. Thumann,
    My name is Laura Scott. I am also in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class. I think that it is so awesome that you are reaching out to this private school in efforts to get them educated on the newest technologies. There are so many private schools that are still lacking the funds and support for the resources they need to educate their students through technology. This is an area which is so essential in the 21st century and something every student should have the opportunity to learn!

    It is awesome that you are so enthusiastic and passionate about these things. Good luck with your efforts and I 100% support the cause! Hopefully fundraising will be a good start!

    1. Teri Matus says:

      Thank you for all your comments!! Lisa, THANK YOU for reaching out for me. I have been reading them and researching all suggestions. I’m a little overwhelmed with the time commitment all this entails, but I’m pulling through. I hope to have some good news shortly!!

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