Google Apps Education Certified Trainer

Today I received the e-mail that I was accepted as a Google Apps Certified Trainer. 

The qualifications to earn this certification are:

  • Receive a passing score (80 or above) on 6, 90 minute Google Apps exams
  • Complete the online application including a 2 minute video
  • Demonstrate a proven background in professional development or technology training
  • Demonstrate areas of expertise in educational technology

The requirements for maintaining certification include:

  • Acting on behalf of Google
  • Log training events (3/quarter) – attendance, topics, dates
  • Stay up to date with all the latest features/releases
  • Participate in the community
  • Contribute resources
  • Maintain qualification (additional exams)

I’m excited to bring this to the Center and to New Jersey. I hope that being connected to this new community of learners will give me new ideas, inspire me to stay current, and open the door to additional collaborations.

Become an Apps Certified Trainer by visiting the Training Center.

21 thoughts on “Google Apps Education Certified Trainer

    1. Barry, I should have included the benefits, thanks for asking.

      There’s a FAQ page at

      For me, it will help me dive deeper into learning about Google Apps and administering a domain. With the certification, you also gain access to the group, resources, and events generated specifically for it. Since I spend the majority of my time working with districts, this certification will help me keep on top of the updates that Google is continually making to its suite of Apps.

      Also, I need to add in that for me, working with a NJ professional development provider, the certification gives me a competitive edge. (This is a reality of what I do.)

      I hope that answers your question. If not, we can continue the conversation here, by e-mail or on the phone.


  1. Congrats Lisa,

    I have just cleared all 6 exams and got certified individual title and now in the process of preparing for certified trainer.

    Can you please put some light or assist me in guiding what to take care of now to increase my chances of getting trainer’s title.

    I have searched a lot at web but couldn’t find even a single certified trainer, are you the first one to achieve it 🙂


  2. Linda says:

    Congrats Lisa, the teachers in New Jersey are fortunate to have you in the forefront of educational technology and providing professional development to us.


  3. Cecilia Norton says:

    Congrats! I found your blog Because of my EDM 310 class. I have not heard of this being available to the public before and it was interesting to read how one would do this. It would definitely keep you up to date on things. Hope you have fun and learn a lot.

  4. Jared Datema says:

    Hi Lisa
    I am following your blog as part of a Microcomputing Systems (EDM 310) class for education majors at the University of South Alabama. Congratulations on becoming a Google Apps Certified Trainer. I am sure you learned a lot through the training. Are there one or two things that you learned in the training that would be especially helpful to elementary or intermediate school teachers?

  5. Hi Lisa – I’m so excited for you! I attended a Google Apps workshop last year at Rutgers and found your presentation very useful. Congratulations, you so deserve it. I need to know your secret for finding the time to keep up with all that you’re involved in. Being a Google Expert is my dream. C

    1. Hi Dan,
      It took less than a week before I received.word of the certification. Best of luck and I will see you in the Google Group once you are all done.


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