Reinventing Yourself

Would you want to?

If you could stay exactly who you are in the physical world, but reinvent your digital identity, would you?

As I was sitting is Michael Wesch’s phenomenal keynote yesterday morning, I started thinking some more about my digital identity and jotted down some questions.
  • What would I do if I could go to a new school and reinvent myself?
  • Would I erase everything from the Cloud?
  • Would I include pictures of my children, family and friends online?
  • Would I share all of my lessons, presentations and my blog?
So I was watching the Tweets this morning from #BLC10 and saw the link for a site from MIT fly by. I had been meaning to check it out and when I got to the Keynote, I pulled it up and, unfortunately, got a little nauseous as I watched my life unfold before my eyes.
One of the many statements that Michael Wesch said that will stay with me was that we should make our place in the world.  If you aren’t leaving breadcrumbs for your students, your friends, family and followers, why not? If you could reinvent yourself, what would you leave out, if anything? What would you add? Just some things to think about.

5 thoughts on “Reinventing Yourself

    1. I agree Erica that the site is cool. The fact that the technology exists for us to see our digital footprints so easily. The scary part is that others can see it so easily as well. I guess that comes back to @budtheteacher’s comment in the Twitter stream “instead of being worried about locking down as private, try living a better life!” – but I can’t find the link to the original conversation – either way – he makes a valid point.

  1. i am so terrified about what i post in the internet since i believe that they’ll be there for a really long time that i might regret in the future. i am really daunted by the thought of making a blog since i know i’m presenting myself for the world to judge.. really thanks for the comment “@budtheteacher’s comment in the Twitter stream “instead of being worried about locking down as private, try living a better life!” i’m a little bit more confident.

  2. Thanks for sharing this tool, Lisa. Because of your inspiration I just put up a blog post about the purpose behind Persona:

    I hope that teachers are encouraged to discuss digital footprints and persona’s with their students. While us “older” people might be trying to reinvent ourselves, the younger generation has an opportunity to start with a (mostly) clean slate.

    1. Thanks for sharing the link here John.
      I’m hoping that we are setting a good example for our students about what to post and what not to post. I know many need a wake up call about that.

      I’m going to read your post right now!

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