Foursquare, More Square, We Square, Your Square

I started using foursquare back in January during Educon when a few friends checked into my car. I didn’t really get it, (if you don’t either watch this video) but I thought it was funny and I wanted to join in. I signed up for an account and found that it was really easy to use from my Droid, so I started creating venues and checking in when I would travel for work and go to different schools in NJ.

I soon realized that I could send my check-ins to Twitter (which I rarely do) and to Facebo0k. Foursquare actually became a great tool for me to add status updates to my Facebook page and I soon realized that many of my ed tech friends were using it there as well. I figured that anyone that didn’t want to see those posts would just hide them.

After using foursquare so much at ISTE10 and even presenting about it in the Social Butterfly Lounge, I decided I might review a few basics as many have an interest in it on their way to BLC10 this week.

Here’s a A How To on foursquare. This one will answer many of the simple questions you might have that you are hesitant to ask an existing foursquare user.

How to pick your Mayorship battles is one that some folks I know (present company included) should take a look at. Chris Craft has coined the phrase “fauxsquaring” based on a recent competition for the Mayorship of a specific venue. This article provides some reasonable guidelines.

As of tonight, Alec Couros is the Mayor of BLC10. There will be some competition as we all arrive tomorrow for pre-conferences and EubloggerCon East.

How to be cool (and not uncool) on Foursquare is something every foursquare user should read after they’ve earned their first few badges. As I’ve already pointed out, there are some guidelines to follow.

So if you can have some fun with it, look at it as a way to track where you’ve been, possibly get a free coffee or a coupon for your troubles, then you’re in for a treat. If you’re look for educational value, look here as I don’t plan on using foursquare in the classroom any time soon.

2 thoughts on “Foursquare, More Square, We Square, Your Square

  1. Maybe I’m just a stick in the mud, but don’t see the point of 4Square. Yes, I know, that’s what everyone said about Twitter. Maybe I’ll regret my opinion of 4square in the future!

    Is there a point that we #1 give out too much information about ourselves and #2 become overwhelmed by the amount of information that others give to us? I’m a pretty die hard Twitter user and even that can be pretty overwhelming.

    I love new gadgets and tech tools, but I have come to realize the necessity of unplugging. I put a blog post up about my last “digital fast: It was a very enlightening day.

    Good thoughts, as always, Lisa. I wish you luck on your mayoral quests!

    1. I definitely see foursquare as a game John. I guess it’s the competitive side of me that wants to partcipate. We’ve been exploring it a bit at #BLC10 and have found it a convenient way to know where people we are looking for are (we could text message or call them) and get discounts at venues (we could cut out coupons), but for the most part it’s all been in good fun.

      I always appreciate reading your point of view and thanks for sharing the link to your post. I too will be going off the grid as I vacation with my family in a few short weeks.

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