What My Droid Does – Part 1

My goal since I purchased my Droid at the end of November has been to use it productively. But let’s face it. Most people ask me what I can do with it? It’s pretty much been a conversation of how it compares to a Blackberry or an iPhone.

Here’s what my Droid does:

I’ve downloaded and installed the UStream app from the Android Market. Since I already have login credentials for UStream, all I had to do was type in my username and password on my Droid and I was live on UStream. It couldn’t have been easier. I contemplated inviting my Twitter network to see my dog, Jazz, but thought perhaps another time.

After I was done experimenting with UStream, it occurred to me that many people prefer using Qik. I checked and there is an app for that in the Android Market.

More and more educators are using Evernote. This is also available in the Android Market for free. I can leave audio recordings, take pictures, upload files, or type in text and it all syncs with my Evernote account.

WordPress for the Droid – There’s an app you can find in Android Market called “wpToG0”. From this Android application, I can moderate comments on my WordPress blog, publish posts, and work on drafts. It has pretty decent functionality when it comes to tagging, categories, formating and uploading images.

Layar – This is so cool!!

“Layar is a free application on your mobile phone which shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone.”

Notepad – “Note Pad is a simple text processor, which lists all notes in a linear structure. Users can only add, edit and delete notes.” This is so simple, yet when I’m parking the car, sometimes I need to jot down which level or which row so that I can find it 6 hours later. You can find this app listed at http://www.androidfreeware.org/.

Finally, I want to mention the free version of  Advanced Task Killer. I noticed that sometimes my Droid was a bit sluggish, so I researched it and it turned out that many of the apps I had been launching were still running in the background. I installed this application so that I could manage all my apps in one place. You can uninstall from here as well as exit out of any applications you currently don’t need running.

I’m always looking for new resources to add to my bookmarks and new apps to install on my Droid if you have any suggestions.

21 thoughts on “What My Droid Does – Part 1

  1. Gregory Noack says:

    I bought a Droid for similar reasons. A couple of other Apps to mention: Livestrong.org just came out with The Daily Plate for Android this week, Nice app for tracking your work-outs and Calories. The Amazon app for shopping is a definite money saver. Finally, Google Voice is my favorite, I have forwarded my voice mail to Google voice and now can listen to my voice mails (or read the google transcription) without having to call Verizon.

    1. I have been playing with Google Voice and will be posting about it soon.

      Thanks so much for the other three recommendations. I will certainly look into them – especially that Amazon.com shopping one 🙂

  2. I love my Droid! And, thank you for your research on information! I will be checking back to see what else you check out for the Droid! My daughter is getting the Droid Eris today. I can’t wait to check out that phone too! Even though I purchased my Droid a little under 30 days ago, Verizon is sending me the Droid Eris for my daughter free! they have a new promo right now buy one get one free. I am really happy with Verizon that they honored that promo for me! Fantastic!

  3. There is a school of thought that task killers harm the droid performance. I can speak to that. Ran with Advanced Task Killer for 2 weeks and had numerous problems (lock ups, sluggish etc.), removed it and let the system self manage and EVERYTHING has been perfect since.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Tony. I will definitely report back on it then. For now, all is fine. If I don’t run the Task Killer I will have way too many apps running at the same time though.

      Do you have an alternative suggestion? Thanks!

  4. elgordo123 says:

    Great article. I used task killer and was going bonkers killing apps over and over, but then i just stopped using it and let the OS take care of things. A developer’s forum post said the OS is quite efficient at handling memory and programs.
    Since I have stopped going mental with killing apps, I haven’t seen any difference in battery life or performance from when I was using it. Try not using it for a while and see if you notice a difference. I didn’t.

  5. Just got a Droid Eris too, and am trying to figure it all out. Cant decide whether to focus on the iTouch or the Droid. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for posting this–getting useful tips.

    1. Cathy – I have to say that for right now, my iPod Touch is on the side since it doesn’t have a camera and I have to have wi-fi to really use it. But I’ll be back to using it soon since there are so many educational apps for it and I use it with so many of the schools I work with.

      But for now, for me, the Droid has made a big difference in my productivity. I’m looking forward to hearing how you use it as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. lisa-Thanks for sharing your experiences with your Droid. My husband just got the Motorola Droid and I got the Eris. T have also put aside my iTouch but like you will continue to use it at school. The only disappointment so far is that we can’t find a way to sync my husband’s Outlook calendar with his Droid. It sounds like apps are being developed but haven’t found a good recommendation yet. Otherwise we’re both happily exploring

  6. Lisa,

    I’ve just found your list. I got a HTC Drois Eris two months ago, and my experience is similar to yours.

    I especially find it helpful to make notes or send photos to myself (e.g., of things on sale) through Evernote. That also eliminates the transfer of photos from my photo to my computer via USB cord.

    I don’t know about the Motorola Droid, but I was able to sync my Outlook contacts and Outlook calendar with the HTC Droid Eris thanks to this post at androidforums.com: http://bit.ly/9Ol7Xj

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