Preparations for an Online Social Networking Safety Seminar

I agree with Chad Lehman’s post earlier this week that it’s helpful to be able to connect with the author of an article or blog post. Chad was nice enough to include me with the list of bloggers from Tech&Learning where I recently starting blogging every couple of weeks. As many of our PLNs have grown exponentially, I have truly benefited from the face-to-face connections that I have made as a result of  connections first initiated via Twitter or Diigo. Actually, I remember meeting up with Chad (@imcguy) in Second Life via a Tweet of his many, many months ago.

I decided a while back to use the “Lists” feature in Diigo to gather resources for a seminar that is tonight. The Online Social Networking Safety Seminar is being held at one of the local YMCA’s near me. I knew that many in my PLN had spoken on the topic before, so as I added resources to my list, I also began reading what they had posted on the topic. Here is some of what I found:

Jeff Utecht who blogs at TheThinkingStick had already prepared a workshop for parents and posted the information to his blog. I really liked the questions he suggested that parents ask their children.

  1. What do you think this pictures says about you?
  2. Do you know all (number of friends) of your ‘friends’?
  3. Can you trust everyone on your ‘friends’ list not to download that picture?
  4. What does that update say about you as a person?
  5. Is that who you want to be known as?

BJ Fogg who runs also had a nice list of suggestions. BJ’s list was about signing up for Facebook. I’ll also be sharing this in the seminar tonight.

  1. Join Facebook.
  2. “Friend” your kids.
  3. Review your kids’ profile pages.
  4. Review who is “friends” with your kids.
  5. Select “More About” for your kids.

Dean Shareski who blogs at has passionately posted on the topic many times. His posts led me to some extremely relevant research. It’s worth a read (Dean’s posts and the research).

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you might remember the day when I was looking for videos. I’ll be sharing three during the seminar. One is just for fun. You might be able to guess which one 🙂

  1. Social Media Revolution
  2. Facebook Manners and You
  3. The Facebook Song

Lastly, here’s my presentation. I tried to predict what folks might ask. There’s seating for 300. It’s bring-your-own-laptop. I was told to expect approximately 40 parents. I don’t really know what to expect. I’m sure I could have prepared differently, more, better, etc. But I thought I would share it with you.

4 thoughts on “Preparations for an Online Social Networking Safety Seminar

  1. I love your slides and am sharing with my teacher with an encouragement to learn about the topic since our kids are already there. GREAT PRESO–I hope it went well.

    P.S. Glad to see I’m i your blog roll. Read in the reader tonight (finally catching up)about dead links there. Safe to say my blogroll is up to date and represents the people I like to tell newbies to follow. I also like to highlight local folks there (SC People.)

    P.P.S. You made my it through my blogroll cut. LOL.

    1. Phew! (Lisa wipes brow.)

      Cathy – I like the idea of local people in your blogroll. I think I might consider adding NJ Educational Bloggers as a section to my blog in the future. Thanks for the idea!!

  2. Marty Dunn says:


    This looks like a fascinating presentation – I wish I could have attended. I wonder about teacher responsibility, as much as parents, in becoming informed about the social networking world. Personally, my own use of the networking world – primarily on – has, I hope, helped me understand a bit more about this world (though your slides on cyberbullying, etc make me realize that I can’t experience it all…). Anyway, thanks so much for the post, it’s definitely something I want to bring up to my students’ parents.


  3. Marty,
    How about not just the teachers but the administrators too?
    This group of parents was shocked when they saw the Social Media Revolution Video. I think the only way to understand social networking is to participate in it.

    Thanks for your comment Marty.

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