Did You Develop Professionally?

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Let’s review the facts.

On June 22, 2009 I responded to Clif Mim’s Professional Development Meme with the following four summer PD goals:

My Goals:

1. Complete the last two video podcasts for the grant project I have remaining and submit them to the funding partners.
2. Record audio and or video of summer PD and upload to the CMSCE Rutgers iTunes U account for archiving.
3. Continue building the UDL4ALL Ning – add resources, build community, cultivate conversations.
4. Add to my iTouch the Future series of posts.

Now, before you judge me, stop and think about how hectic your summer has been. Think about all the time you spent with your family and friends. Think about all the work you did. Think about all you actually were able to accomplish.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s the breakdown of the excuses for not accomplishing any of my goals:

  1. I didn’t finish the video project because during my two-week vacation when I was going to work on it (this is funny, right?) I had to manually code the Center’s fall 2009-2010 catalog (link).
  2. The sessions I intended on UStreaming were in fact recorded, I even uploaded them to Blip.tv . But when I went to convert and edit them down to import into iTunesU I ran into all sorts of errors that I just abandoned after a while.
  3. I did add a bit to the UDL4ALL Ning but not as much as I had planned. I have no excuse for this one.
  4. Blogging about the iPodTouch apps became less of a priority for me as my interests went elsewhere. I bookmarked many great resources and explored many great educational applications this summer though.

Though I did not comply with the 7th rule of this Meme in that I did not achieve my goals by September 7th, I do feel that I have developed professionally. Sometimes our priorities shift. Things happen.

I’m getting ready to welcome a new cohort of educators into the Center’s 21st Century Learning Initiative. I’m looking forward to the 3rd year of the INCLUDE grant and helping districts use the UDL framework to help students reach their objectives. I’m looking forward to traveling around New Jersey and the country to various conferences to speak about technology trends in education and exchange ideas with fellow ed-techies.

I’m looking forward to ANOTHER great year. How about you?

5 thoughts on “Did You Develop Professionally?

  1. Every year I do a self assessment of my year and develop goals. This summer I developed a technology manual for my school. I used new learnings in my Cybercamp, Voicethread, Glogster and Voki. I developed my technology training for the school year, still waiting for approval from my principal. I attended seminars by Discovery to learn new features for trainings. I added to my delicious site and update my eBoard.

    Now what I did not do this summer! I did not become active in Second Life, even after attending training at NECC. I did not work on my training wiki. I did not expand my learning about Googles for Educators. It is okay that I did not achieve all my goals. I often have more on my goal list then can be achieved in the summer. I now have my new list for the academic year plus and professional development I will participate in during the school year.

    I am excited about the new school year and working on my additional goals.


    1. You and I are a lot alike that way Linda. We most likely put too many things on our to-do lists. Isn’t the saying, if you need something done, give it to a busy person?

      I’m anxious to hear what you will be doing with the teachers and students at OMS this coming year. Keep me posted!


  2. hwjohnson says:


    The only goal I achieved this summer was survival. I started two blogs that I have neglected terribly. I did not get to read any of the texts I was hoping to read over the summer. If I think too long on what I did not accomplish, I would be too bummed to begin planning for the next year.

    What did I do well? I at least started and created the blogs. I have also been sharing tech tips with educators anywhere I find them. The most recently was yesterday at the Cleveland Zoo.

    My plans for this year are to do what I can every day and every week. To not let an opportunity go by. I hope to work with a cohort of teachers this year and continue to explore technology in the classroom. I also plan to volunteer at, what will be, my child’s school next year to share with educators and promote their use of technology in the classroom. I will look for opportunities to get connected locally and join the conversation to discuss how technology can improve teaching and learning in the City of Cleveland and across the state.

    I am also looking forward to ANOTHER great year.

  3. I don’t necessarily see this as not achieving your goals. I see it more as seeing you modified and adjusted your goals. When your needs became different, you needed to prioritize. Goal 1 was adjusted to a meet a higher need. With Goal 2, you faced obstacles that needed to be overcome before you could achieve it. Goal 3 seems to me like you met but place a higher level of stress on yourself than necessary. Remember that the small steps count as much as big steps. 🙂 And while you might not have completed Goal 4, you are building up to it which is also a measure of success. I think this is why it is important for people to reflect on what they are doing and strive to achieve goals but by reassessing on a regular basis, it helps us move in the right direction (and not fall backwards!) I think you deserve a pat on the back!

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