Seven Things You Don’t Need to Know about Me

Liz Davis tagged me in this meme. I figured that it would be a great topic of conversation as my husband and I prepared for the family to come for Christmas dinner. It was pretty entertaining to create the list as we peeled shrimp, sauteed various vegetables, and worked to keep the kitchen clean and the kids occupied.

Seven Things You Don’t Need to Know about Me

1. I was always envious that my cousin had a lavender room when we were kids. I fulfilled a childhood wish by selfishly painting my daughter’s room lavender.


2. I actually dropped a math course in college because the professor lectured using his middle finger. (The professor was rumored to have been the inventor of AstroTurf, but I’ll admit that it wasn’t until I wrote this that I finally confirmed that false.)

3. My first career out of college was in book publishing.

4. My second career out of college was in financial services. But I moonlighted as a cannoli stuffer in my then boyfriend’s (now husband’s) pastry kitchen.

5. I met said husband at a photo copier. He was making copies. (Don’t you remember the Saturday Night Live skit with Rob Schneider?)

6. My husband accuses me of favoring Dirty Dancing as my movie of choice, but it’s really Clueless.

7. My parents had my brother and I convinced we were allergic to chocolate growing up. When I got to college, I became a chocoholic – and lived to tell about it.

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15 thoughts on “Seven Things You Don’t Need to Know about Me

  1. WOW I love both of those movies. They make me feel young again. Okay I did mine. Be sure to check it out. (how embarrassing–I can’t believe I actually shared some of those things.)

  2. @Clif – Does this mean you’ve stuffed some cannoli’s in your day?
    @Liz – You bet – made for great convo with my hubby – so I should THANK YOU!!
    @Cathy – Great list – I left a comment on your blog. Loved #6 the most!

  3. hwjohnson says:

    You think you know someone….. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed learning more about you. I never would have pegged you for having “purple room” envy. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas dinner. We had a great time with family, but it is on to more packing, moving, and unpacking.

  4. Lisa, I’m needin’ a bit more detail on the photocopier encounter … hahaha! Thanks .. I notice that your blog is lavender also, mmmmm that cousin’s room really stuck with you!

    Thanks .. Frank

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