ThumannResources gets the Bronze at the 2008 Eddies

Emanna Romano looking at her blog nominations in SL
Emanna Romano looking at her blog nominations in SL

It was, in all honesty, an honor to be nominated by Liz Davis and Kevin Jarrett in two categories for the 2008 Edublogger Awards. I never thought that I would win. I actually predicted that Angela Maiers would win for Best New Blog and she did. We started our blogs at just about the same time and hers is so chock full of quality and meaningful resources and information that I knew she was sure to be awarded the honor. Among the other 13 nominees was also Human, which came in second and a host of other Edublogs that deserve a read.

I also really enjoyed the experience of the awards ceremony. (I had to attend – it was an excuse to go shopping in Second Life.) I commented in the EdTechTalk (which incidentally won for Best Use of Audio) that it was difficult to simultaneously manage the chat in EdTechTalk, the chat in Second Life and the audio which I was listening to through iTunes as the quality was better than in Second Life. But it was worth the multitasking, to be able to communicate with everyone that came to participate in the event. I especially enjoyed my time with Riptide_Furse who represented the DEN for their award, Best Use of a Virtual World.

Everyone in the chat and the audience at the awards were very supportive of all the nominees and Josie Frasier did an excellent job MCing the event. Should you have missed the hour-long ceremony, you can go back and view the video or chat logs at EdTechTalk. You can also see the pictures that I took as I posted them on Flickr. (They’re a little biased though, I will admit.)

Emanna Romano and Joyce Story waiting for the Awards Ceremony to begin.
ThumannResources takes the Bronze!
ThumannResources takes the Bronze!
The After Party at Jokaydia
The After Party at Jokaydia

3 thoughts on “ThumannResources gets the Bronze at the 2008 Eddies

  1. Lisa-
    Thanks so much for the kind words; it means a great deal coming from you. I was just thrilled to be nominated and apart of this conversation. I have learned and continue to learn so much from you and so many others. I think back to a year ago and could never imagined how powerful this space could be. Just think of what 2009 will bring-I can hardly wait!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Our class blog Huzzah shared the same category as you and came in fourth (is that tin or copper medal?). The brilliant, community-creating blog of Sue Wyatt at Technology in Our Classroom was virtually tied with us. In the last three months her student blogging competition/challenge has created such an energetic buzz in blogging classrooms. Her enthusiastic commitment to kids & blogging is really inspirational; she has literally tied classrooms together across the globe.

    I attended the awards in SL, but sat quietly watching as I was afraid I would fly out of my seat or walk into a wall. If it wasn’t for Sue Waters helping me with my hair I would have looked like the victim of graffiti artist. It was my first foray into a virtual world, and I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I was in awe of some the threads folks were wearing. I think for the the time being I will just slowly back away from that potential addiction.

    Thanks for all the great work you are doing–I enjoy learning from you.

    1. @Angela- I can only imagine….

      @Jan – Congratulations to you and Sue as well. And, please, I would love to help you out in SL. There are so many that have helped me – it would give me a chance to pay it forward.

      Thank you both for your comments.

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