An Accomplishment in Itself

I really liked the title of Cathy Nelson’s post yesterday, “You Are All Winners in My Book“. We have our blogrolls, we have our Google Readers or our Bloglines. The fact that you, the reader of this post, have taken the time to immerse yourself in the Edublogosphere, to keep up with educational technology trends, is an accomplishment. And if you have taken it a step farther and left feedback on the blogs you have read. If you are a contributor to the Edublogosphere – well, thank you for your help. Your opinion matters. Take it one step farther – for those of you who have committed the time to create and maintain your own blogs, to paraphrase Cathy Nelson, you all deserve recognition for your accomplishments.


These past 27 days, many of us have been participating in Steve Dembo’s 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger Challenge. Each day we have been faced with a new blog-related challenge from Teach42. I’ll admit that I have not completed them all. Some because I was not interested and some I’ll have to go back and work on during the month of December. (Please see previous post.) One major thing that Steve’s challenge did for me that did not make an immediate or noticeable change to was getting me to read and comment on more blogs. I’ve added to the number of blogs I subscribe to, I’ve increased the number of things I look for in a blog and therefor, it is without further adieu….


Here are my nominations for the 2008 Edublog Awards:

Best Resource Sharing BlogLarry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day

Most Influential Blog PostThe Power of Educational Technology: Ten Tips For Growing Your Learning Network

Best Teacher BlogICT In My Classroom

Best Educational Use of AudioBit by Bit

Best Educational Use of VideoCommon Craft

Best Educational WikiSchool AUP 2.0

4 thoughts on “An Accomplishment in Itself

  1. Glad to e the “co-inspiration” for this post. : ) I’ll take any crumble of kudos that is linked to Steve Dembo wherever I can get it. WOW thanks for another shout-out.

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