Challenge: 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger

Today is day 1 of Steve Dembo’s 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger challenge. I’ve decided that I will give it a go. According the comments left on his blog, there are over 60 other educational bloggers up to the challenge. I’ll post a link to the wiki (I believe there is going to be one with more information about who is involved) as soon as I find it. In the meantime, here’s what Steve wrote that convinced me to join in:

“I’ve sketched out 30 ideas for Being a Better Blogger. These are not tips like “Make it personal” or “Focus on quality”, these are ideas for doing things to improve your blog and address all the little details people generally forget about, ignore, or never knew to do in the first place. Every day I will post a new tip/challenge for you to try. Whether you’re a new blogger or tenured, I encourage you to join along with me and use the month of November to be a better blogger.” – Steve Dembo

I’m always looking to learn something new and if this can help make me a better blogger, publish some of the posts that I have had as drafts for longer than I’d like to admit, and make my blog more appealing to other educators, then these 30 ideas from Teach42 are going to be worth tracking.

Consider joining us if you’d like. Just make sure to tag all your posts 30D2BBB.

4 thoughts on “Challenge: 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger

  1. Thanks for sharing. I did a search for
    twitter #30D2BBB
    and found a couple peoples blog post from today so I thought I would comment. Should be a great challenge to do something productive with a blog every day.

  2. Thanks for your comment Chris.
    Yesterday was only the first day and I was already frustrated as I had trouble with some code I was using to make improvements. But I’m looking forward to the challenge!


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