21 Ed Tech Leaders You Just Have to “Meet”

Tomorrow, October 14, I’ll be making two presentations at NJAET‘s Annual Conference. Their theme this year is “21 Years Growing Up Digitally”, so I was asked if I was willing to make a couple of presentations related to that theme.

I’m fortunate to be co-presenting one of the presentations tomorrow with a friend of mine, Heather Sullivan. Heather and I have presented together before on Web 2.0 and I’m sure we’ll present again as we have a good time. We created a wiki for this presentation, 21 “Must See” Web 2.0 Websites for Educators. You can view the wiki at http://web2pointo.wikispaces.com/.

Click on the image to view the presentation.

The other presentation is 21 Ed Tech Leaders You Just Have to “Meet”. When I agreed to present on this topic I had no idea how small the dumber 21 was. I Tweeted out a link to a Google Form I created (thank you again to those who submitted) along with a link to the published results here. I read through my Google Reader and looked at who was in my PLN.

Speaking of my PLN, I talked to a few of my Ed Tech buddies about the list I was putting together. Actually, Liz Davis alluded to our conversation recently on her blog when she wrote her Ten Tips for Growing Your Learning Network post. Everyone I spoke with had some similar variation of the list I was thinking of using. We all agreed that goin g back and reviewing my subscriptions was a good place to see where I got my most valuable information from.

So, you ask. What’s the problem?

The problem, for me, was that in the last 18 months I have met (virtually and face-to-face) so many intelligent, generous, and enthusiastic educators, that I hate to limit the list to only 21.

So, I decided to begin the presentation with six or so names the attendees might have already heard of.

I still needed more.

So I added another dozen names to the end of the presentation.

I still needed more.

But I am only really supposed to present information about 21 ed tech leaders who are advocating for the education community to effectively use technology to improve teaching and learning.

Theses are the 21 Ed Tech leaders I included in the 70 minutes I was given to present:

Larry Ferlazzo
Peggy Sheehy
Chris Lehmann

Lucy Gray
Steve Dembo
Darren Draper
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

Patrick Higgins
Kevin Jarrett
Liz Davis
Bud Hunt
Bob Sprankle
Kim Cofino

Darren Kuropatwa
Tom Barrett
Sylvia Martinez
Dean Shareski
Lisa Durff

Cathy Nelson
Joyce Valenza
Mark Wagner

If you don’t see your name there, I sincerely apologize. I really am sorry.

Add it here by leaving a comment.

If you don’t see the name of someone you feel should be on the list, feel free to leave a comment with their information.

I hope someone shows up to hear me present. 🙂

34 thoughts on “21 Ed Tech Leaders You Just Have to “Meet”

  1. courosa says:

    This will be a great resource for my coming classes this semester. Thanks for putting it together. And I’m honoured to have been mentioned in the extended list.

  2. Fascinating. This makes me wonder at the distinction between good and great. What WOULD it have taken to make the top 10 list? I’d love to see a blog post detailing that…do you see what I’m getting at? What would it take to kick the folks in the 11 through 50 spots up into the top 10?


    Thanks for mentioning me at all!

    Looking forward to your next blog post, “From Good to Great – How To Be a Great Blogger, not just a good one,”

    Miguel Guhlin

  3. Lisa,

    Tough to chisel it down to 21 but can you please add an edtech leadership voice for struggling students? There are many of us who advocate ed tech because it’s the right thing to do for all students – you know the UDL mantra. I don’t see anyone listed who is shouting from the rooftops from a struggling students/special education/UDL perspective.
    These voices need to be heard as well.


  4. Lisa- What a job you had to select only 21-there are so many educators that I learn from everyday. I am so honored to be included among this list of great minds! You are going to be fabulous tomorrow-I wish I was there to cheer you on!

  5. Lisa,
    Great list, but your didn’t include Lisa Thumann. I learn a ton from following you!
    Have to go add some new blogs to my reader. Thanks for everything!

  6. Sandi Paul says:

    great presentation. I have seen quite a few of these presenters and they are great advocates for technology integrated in the classroom. You did a great job trying to get the list to 21 and I know there many more. Thanks for a great time!

  7. I’d like to second Stephen Downes and Scott McLeod for your list. I learn a lot from them. I follow many, probably most, of the names on your list. Some both through their blogs and on Twitter. There are a lot of great ed-tech conversations going on around the Internet these days. I think I’ve met about a third of your list in person. Most at NECC I think. That’s always exciting for me as these people are as fun and educational to talk to in person as they are to read online.

  8. alicebarr says:

    Lisa, Wow! I am honored to be included with such an esteemed group! Thanks for including me. I would also like to add Cheryl Oakes to your list (the third SEEDling!). Hope your presentation went well! I imagine a rather large number showed up!

  9. It really takes a lot of courage to put something like this up. Who are you going to leave out. You can’t help it.

    And just when I thought my star was setting 😉

    I like how you nestled Gary Stager and I together. (another wink)

  10. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I value your opinions.

    I am carrying a certain amount of guilt for those I left out.

    As I wrote, I was limited to 21, which the attendees chuckled at since I didn’t stick to it at all.
    Not only did I not stick to it, but as I was presenting, I added another handful of ed tech leaders to the list.

    …more to come…

    I’ve been out in the field every day this week working with teachers and students – my favorite thing to do.

  11. It is indeed an honour to be mentioned in the extension to a list of great Edubloggers and Ed Tech leaders. The task of picking 21 must have been very tough, and you have done a wonderful job seeking out true leaders. Thanks for this great resource!

  12. The great thing is that even if your list is missing key folks, it’s an entry point rather than a ranking system. The power of the network is that if you provide a list of 10 or 21, it enables people to connect with hundreds, or thousands more if they choose. The premise is that all of these folks are highly connected and willingly share their connections with others. With a little time and effort, anyone can create their own list of 21.

    Thanks Lisa.

  13. Yahoo, making the credit page was a great thrill for me, considering the huge talents you showcased in your presentation. Thanks for the mention; I really like your definition of having “met” someone 🙂 Makes you really think about the whole 6 degrees thing and just how small the blogosphere really is when you consider all of the connections we make on a daily basis.

  14. Thanks David, Dean and Ben. I appreciate what each of you shares with your network. You each demonstrate that we have something we can learn from each other.


  15. There are too many great voices out there to include in any list, no matter how long it is. So difficult choices have to be made. It looks like you picked a bunch of GREAT people to expose your audience to. No apologies necessary…

  16. Thanks Kern – you are right – Several organizations have asked me to present this since that day in October. Of course it will be different each time. Not only purpose and audience, but things change with time. And these 21 were IMHO only.

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