What Do You Mean 30 Is Too Old for Facebook?

What do you mean I’m too old for Facebook?

You have got to be kidding!

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was making the 70 mile commute down to Camden City, NJ to teach a workshop called Technology for Tots when some, shall we say, immature, inexperienced, basic lack of diplomacy, intern on the radio ranted on for ten minutes about how nobody over the age of 30 should be on Facebook.

I had to pull over at the rest stop.

At the time I was not yet on Facebook. Since that day I have been meaning to sign up. Pretty much every day I answer these questions because I truly value social networking as a means of developing as a professional and relieving the feelings of isolation.

Plus there’s the Nings I belong to and Classroom2.0 and don’t forget e-mail. I’m on SecondLife, occasionally I Skype or ooVoo with someone. I recently even joined Linkedin.

So, a new contact in my PLN, Beth Ritter-Guth, shared a link in Diigo today that caught my attention and reminded me of that comment regarding Facebook. The link was to an article posted on the ReadWriteWeb. I was hoping that this article, Study: Women Outnumber Men on Most Social Networks would have the statistics on the ages of Facebook users.

Social Network Sites
Gender and Age Analysis of Social Networking Users: Social Network Sites

And there it was – the proof I guess I was waiting for – that I was not too old to join Facebook. Once I added up the women, men and the unspecified, I was ready to join the over 580,000 over-the-age-of-34 (TAKE THAT RADIO INTERN) Facebook users.

I am now registered. I was happy to find so many people in my PLN already on Facebook. It makes me truly wonder what I’ve been missing.

I might need to try another radio station or stick to listening to my iPod in the car.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Mean 30 Is Too Old for Facebook?

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I am now your friend on facebook (and everywhere else). I joined facebook a little while ago, and compared to the rest of my networks (Ning, Twitter etc), I don’t use it very much. It allows me to occasionally catch up with old college friends and to see pictures of their kids. My tweets automatically go to my Facebook status, so sometimes if I ask a question, I get a reply via facebook. I haven’t played much more with it. I’m interested in what you discover. I’m sure there is lots that I’m missing.

    I was at gymnastics class yesterday watching my 4 year old through the glass and overheard two moms who had just joined facebook. I think the average age is climbing as more of us “immigrants” join. I do think it is most useful for kids in high school and college. They don’t even use email anymore – all of their communication is through facebook. It is one stop shopping for the younger set. I can understand the appeal. My network is too diverse for that.
    -your facebook friend forever (yfff)

  2. Liz, so far I’ve found that much of my PLN is on Facebook. I immediately received “friend requests” when I signed up. It’s another way to stay in touch with my network. Do I need another way? I don’t know yet. I have to check it out for a while.

    I have only contacted a few “old friends” so far, but will contact more as time goes on.

    Your FB Friend,

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