Preparing for the Next Google Teacher Academy

The draft of my presentation is due this Friday for the next Google Teacher Academy. I had fun putting together a Google Presentation on my topic, Google Sites, and deciding how I wanted to go about discussing this particular app with the next cohort of GCTs.

I know decisions are being made sometime this week on the chosen 50 and I’m looking forward to hearing through my PLN who they are. When the last cohort was announced in preparation for June’s Academy, the GCT’s Tweeted out links to their blogs and created wikis for informal pre-GTA gatherings. As my flight arrives in Chicago mid-afternoon the day before the GTA, I’m hoping this upcoming cohort is as socially forward-thinking.

Any-who… One critical component of my presentation on September 24 will be to share examples of how Google Sites is being used in the classroom. Please share with me either by commenting here or sending me an e-mail at lisa.thumann at gmail dot com with a link to your Google Site (here’s mine) and an explanation as to how you are using it with your students or how you use it as a current Google Certified Teacher or professional development provider. I would love to include your information in my list of resources on September 24 at the next GTA.

Thanks in advance.

9 thoughts on “Preparing for the Next Google Teacher Academy

  1. Hi Lisa,

    We’ve used Google Sites (use to be called Google Page Creator, right?) for a few different things in my classroom. We used it for a digital literary magazine called Space. Students from across the country submitted work through the Youth Twitter Network. We then collected the work and put it all together using Google Sites.

    We also used Google Sites as a publishing platform for class projects. Students published individual Google Sites last year on a variety of topics.

    Here are th e links to these sites: (literary mag) (project that involved using Google docs and Google Sites covering a variety of topics.

    Hope to see you in Chicago! I applied for the academy. I have my fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. Hi George,
    Thanks so much for sharing the links for your projects.
    Yes, Google Pages, or Page Creator, is being assimilated into Google Sites. When Google purchased JotSpot (, I guess they decided to eliminate the old Page Creator since this new product offered so many more features.

    I hope to see you in Chicago!

  3. This is a sample classroom site that I set up for training for my teachers. The newsletter is not a real one but I put some things on the site for teachers to see what they could do. Use what you would like.

  4. Thank you for the nudge Sara – I had Tweeted out the link to the wiki Bill had created and posted it in the GCT group, but hadn’t thought to include it in my presentation – it’s in!

  5. Lesson Plans – Lesson Plans by Lesson Planet – Over 150,000 teacher-reviewed lesson plans including music, art lesson plans, dance, fitness, sports, geography lesson plans, history, economics, k-12, language, writing, math, and environment lesson plans.

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