The One Thing I forgot To Talk About At EduBloggerCon East

EdubloggerCon East blew me away yesterday.
I was so impressed by the educators that dedicated their day to joining our gathering at the Newton Marriott. Alan November graciously arranged for a room for us for the day and the accommodations were fantastic (including the wireless access).

I know many of the EBC attendees will be blogging about the day and you can view our notes on our Google Doc. Also, in the next few days, we’ll post a link on the wiki to the archived UStream and I’ve posted the Wordle that we tried to make yesterday here as well as in our Group on the BLC Ning. (I had fun Joyce!) But most importantly, I’d like to take some time to post my thoughts on the one idea I neglected to mention.

Over really yummy Mexican food, I looked at Liz Davis and said, “I just remembered what I wanted to ask everyone!” I wanted to have a conversation about what makes a blog worthy of being listed on your blogroll. I’ve noticed that some edublogger’s blogrolls have gotten quite lengthy. Some are even categorized. Mine on the other hand is quite short and is missing many blogs that I read on a regular basis. So I’ve gone in before posting this to fix that. I’ve also eliminated some of the blogs that I really haven’t been dedicated to reading.

Now that I’ve updated mine, I thought I’d share with you why I listed the blogs I chose. These are the blogs I have subscribed to in my Google Reader. They should give someone reading ThumannResources an idea of who I interact with and what topics I’m interested in reading. For the most part these bloggers are part of my PLN.

Questions for you:

Why do you share your blogroll?

Who’s blog is listed in your blogrroll that your actually read on a regular basis?

Who’s blog is listed in your blogroll that you really don’t read?

What other reasons are there that would cause you to list someone’s blog in your blog roll?

7 thoughts on “The One Thing I forgot To Talk About At EduBloggerCon East

  1. Hi Lisa,

    The blogs on my blog roll are those I recommend for teachers I work with in my district. I try to update it every 6 months or so. I place a note in my calendar to look it over for changed links and add or delete as necessary. Will be doing this update in another month. They starting points for them. I also show teachers my bloglines page so they can see the much larger list of what I actually read.

  2. Beth, I love the idea of adding an update date to my calendar. I actually have not updated my blogroll in ages. Thank you Lisa for reminding me to check it out. Where is the list of your blogs with the reasons you follow? I was interested in seeing that.

  3. Lisa thanks for commenting on my post about missing BLC. I have thought a lot about why I have blogs listed in my blogroll. As a newbie almost 2 years ago, I listed every blog from my reader, but then my reader greww to too many to list. Then I whittled it back to just the ones that impacted my learning. But then that got very long too. So now it is a list of blogs I think beginners would enjoy. That’s crazy right? But when you do PD, and you are evangelizing the power of reading blogs in a reader, it’s nice to point newbies to my blogroll, and say “start there.”

    I also have categories–yes–it does sound like overkill. But I’ve categorized some for “Teacher Librarians” and others for “Just SC folks.” I am forever trying to lift up the colleagues in my own state, and that is one way to do it. (of course it also gives them a technorati boost too, though I’ve recently decided I do not trust technorati.)

    You girls (you and Liz) have definitely taken a leadership role at the EdubloggerCon East, and Im just glad I was able to be a virtual participant. Remember in Philly at our late night dinner when Joyce V said “you girls are the next keynoters?” Well i do believe you and Liz made a definite step in that direction! I’m still a wannabe. I can visualize both of you now keynoting at EduCon 2.1…maybe I’ll email Chris Lehmann and make that recommendation today.

  4. Lisa,

    First, thanks for including me in your blogroll.

    Second, you propose an excellent question.

    Since the focus of my blog is resource sharing and ESL/EFL, I primarily include blogs that relate to one or the other (or to both) in my blogroll. I figure that’s what people who read my blog are most interested in.


  5. @lparisi – sorry for taking so long to respond to your comment…
    As I wrote in my post, the blogs in my blogroll are there because they are the ones that I have subscribed to in my Google Reader. Also, they should give someone reading an idea of who I interact with and what topics I’m interested in reading. For the most part these bloggers are part of my PLN. But I have to add that after BLC08 I need to go add a few more since I had a chance to talk with so many people from my PLN F2F, I really felt a connection with them and will make the time to read their blog. I, too, agree with Beth that adding a reminder to the calendar is a great idea.

    @cathyjo – You are so sweet. We need to include you in the conversation we are having with @joycevalenza and @lizbdavis as we move forward. We missed you!

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