iTouch the Future…I teach – Math

Sorting through the insane amount of applications and mobile websites that are available for the iTouch has proven to be a time consuming task. But I am having a great time. There are so many that can be applied to classroom practice and of course, so many that can’t.

Again, I’ve created a Google Doc, that I’ve shared with you here. You’ll see that all the apps didn’t make it to this post. As I did for my last post, I used the Google Doc to access each of the links from my iTouch. Some of the reasons many of the links didn’t make it here are due to the advertisements on the site, the site was down, or I just didn’t think the layout on the iTouch was student friendly.

As promised, the focus of the second post in this series is Math. I’ve divided the links into four categories; Flash Cards, Converters, Calculators and Reference Tables.

You’ll start to see me repeat some of these sites as they should be listed in more than one category. I’ve posted below a video of my 6-year-old using one of the flash card applications on my iTouch. iFlipr has preset flash cards that you are welcome to use, or you can generate your own decks. I’ve created two as of the day I posted this. The first I create for simple math and subtraction reinforcement and the second you’ll see in an upcoming post (it uses pictures of insects).

Flash Cards

  • My First App – Kids Study Cards – Prek-1 pre-set flash cards –  for numbers, colors, alphabet and shapes
  • – It’s FREE (right now). Easy to use.  Check out their demo video below.



  • Comoki Converter (only viewable on the iTouch/iPhone) – This one is AWESOME – divided by category (angle area, energy, temperature, time, length, speed, pressure, power, volume, weight )- You could spend hours here.
  • Currency Converter – Easy to use
  • iConvert – 26 categories (a few more than Comoki) including torque, density, and clothing sizes. I’ve never been able to convert US shoe sizes to European shoe sizes and now I can!

Reference Tables

Please leave a comment if you know of any others and I’ll add it to the Google Doc. Or just to say you’re finding this information useful.

Next time – iTouch the Future…I Teach – Science 

6 thoughts on “iTouch the Future…I teach – Math

  1. Yes, Laura, they will work for the iPhone as well. The difference is that on the iPhone you have access to the internet from anywhere, but on the iTouch you have to be in an area where there is wi-fi. Go to an Apple store and play – you’ll love it!

  2. […] on the site, the site was down, or I just didn??t think the layout on the iTouch was student Converter Calculator All About Symbian50+ categories, 1000+ units, 50000+ conversions and […]

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