This I Believe…

“This I Believe” meme started by Barry Bachenheimer is patterned after National Public Radio’s “This I Believe” and is an opportunity to share one’s philosophy of education.

I’ve been tagged by my friend Liz Davis. Thanks for the invite Liz.

Before you read my list, check out this video from the author of The Digital Sandbox on TeacherTube called “Introducing the Conceptual Age of Web 2.0“. I really like how the creator lays out the differences between what was accessible to us on the Internet then and now.

I believe…

  • it’s better to identify the objective of the lesson before selecting the type of technology to use.
  • schools need to relieve teacher isolation by opening doors and loosening filters.
  • we need to nurture all learners – our students, teachers and the community – always encourage the opportunity to learn and grow.
  • one of our biggest barriers in education is time. Use it wisely.
  • that we should allow students to use daily supports when being assessed at a comfortable and appropriate stage of difficulty.
  • subjects should not be taught in isolation – when students can relate to the content they will be more engaged and committed to learning.
  • as CAST says, “Motivation is the essential engine of learning”.

There’s so much more I believe. But that’s where my thoughts bring me to now. In the meantime…

  1. Karen Janowski
  2. Kevin Jarrett
  3. Christy Tvarok


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