We Can’t Read Minds

Last week my post was titled, “What are 2344 People Thinking?”. I was realistically hoping to get about ten of those newsletter subscribers to tell me, instead I got three people to e-mail me directly asking me to take them off the ListServ (nothing unusual) and two people were so kind as to share their thoughts with me.

We can’t read minds. We can survey formally using Survey Monkey, Response-o-matic even Google Docs Forms, and we can even do a Twitter Poll, which works for many of us Ed-Techies, but these methods do not work for the bulk of the educators subscribed to my Center’s Listserv. (Think back to the two comments left on my blog.)

What will work? Are they reading the newsletter? Since last Tuesday when I posted to my blog and sent the newsletter to the ListServ via e-mail I’ve taught two in-district workshops, one workshop at the Center and spoke in front of about 60 NJ educators at the monthly NJECC meeting.

I informally surveyed those I had the opportunity to speak with regarding ThumannResources.com during the week. “Oh, I get your newsletter – Great Job.” And “The tools looked cool, I’ll check them out soon.” And this one a few times as well “That grant site – do you recommend it?”. Are they reading it, or are they just really very nice?

What can I do to get them to read the newsletter? Better yet, what can I do to move them from the newsletter to a subscription to a blog? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

5 thoughts on “We Can’t Read Minds

  1. cmtvarok says:

    Obviously, I can’t answer for everyone, but as a teacher I’ve been introduced to “interesting things” and also introduced to “OMG, I can’t wait to try this stuff out-things”. Sometimes, the bug bites and sometimes it doesn’t. However, if administrators buy into ideas, they usually have a greater and longer-laster influence over teachers than simply a blog/newsletter.

    Good luck, from a recent bug-bitten teacher. 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    Hi Lisa, I just subscribed. I have so many pieces of paper from your two (well, three) workshops, and I can’t find any of the passwords to get into the eboards, and there’s the issue with the new administrator and now a new principal (the fourth in five years) that keeping up with everything in technology is overwhelming. Maybe that’s a factor? When I mentioned that your email to me was an empty body and about 20 attachments, you mentioned that I could get everything on your blog but I couldn’t find your blog. So maybe folks are like me in that they can’t keep up with all of the zooming ahead stuff. Or maybe it’s just me! Color me a Slowsky. 🙂 Hopefully now I’ll keep up with you. Best regards, Liz (from parking lot 54)

  3. Hey Liz – This is exactly what I’m talking about and I’m glad you brought it up – a way to communicate with educators that works for everyone. The newsletter is not (for everyone) working as delivered to inboxes.

    I do hope you feel that you can ALWAYS contact me with questions. I try to return e-mails and Tweets within in a day or so. I will send you the passwords in an e-mail now.

    Thanks and I hope to see you on the Rutgers campus soon.

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