The Web 2.0 Whirlwind

Someone said to me the other day, “A Web 2.0 workshop? You can teach that with your eyes closed.”

I know the comment didn’t come from someone truly immersed in Web 2.0 and I know they don’t have in their Google Reader or they would realize just how difficult it is to keep up with all the new 2.0 applications that come out on a weekly basis.

So, I took a look at the eBoard that I used the last time I taught Web 2.0 at the Center. eBoards has been how we’ve organized information for our workshops at the Center for many years now. We have a partnership with Seacliffe technologies and we give every workshop participant a free eBoard for a year when they attend one of our workshops.

So I took a look at my resource at I wasn’t feeling the love. I had put a lot of time into it when I had used it last, but since then I had facilitated a half a dozen workshops in districts and a few presentations at conferences and had used various wikis and Twitter to provide the links to the sites.

Am I supposed to do a complete overhaul on this eBoard? For the teachers in NJ that have access to these resources – should I change the links or should I leave it so that they sign up for our summer workshops or again in the fall to update their web 2.0 toolbox.

I thought about it all day. I wrote my agenda, got together a few handouts (I try not to give paper in technology workshops, I prefer to give everything in digital form).

Here’s what I decided. Be honest. Tell me what you think and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m going to invite the (small) group of teachers to join me in a Google Doc as we create a list of web 2.0 tools we use during the day. This way they can make notes on each tool as we go.
Here’s the list of tools (I have 5 hours of professional development time)
1. Google Docs
2. iGoogle
2. Twitter
3. Skrbl
6. Tiny.url / moo url
7. Zamzar / converttube
8. VoiceThread

4 thoughts on “The Web 2.0 Whirlwind

  1. Lisa,
    I love the idea of creating a group document to keep track of the learning that happens throughout the training. The problem I have had so far with sharing documents is organizing it so that people know where to add their contribution.

    Can you share the document with us so that we can see what it looks like and how it worked.

    Are you going to do anything with wikis?

  2. Hi Liz – Thanks for your response. Yes, I will share the Google doc.
    After I published the list I remembered that I had also wanted to add, and we will create a quick wiki (no pun intended) should there be time.

    This group is so small – 5 people – that I think working on a doc together is going to go rather smoothly – but we’ll see.


  3. Lisa,
    I taught a section of my graduate course over the weekend and some of the students explored Zoho further – have you looked at that as an alternative to Google Apps? For example, Zoho Notebook might be something your students will want to explore further.
    Also, consider discussing (I think this is invaluable to show our students, especially MS and HS). I blogged about it here –
    In any case, your list provides an excellent starting place.

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