Friend vs. Network vs. Follow

I follow people on Twitter because I want to learn something from them and be a part of the conversation. They post links to resources that I’m interested in, they’re participating in conversations with other Twitterers that I Tweet with and it all makes sense to me. Some of the people I follow don’t follow me. I’m okay with that.

Many Twitterers have paired down their networks to make the conversations easier to follow and I can understand that. I pretty much follow the 1:1 strategy with Twitter, but there are many people that follow me that I do not follow as I am not sure why they follow me.

On Diigo, we send “Friend Requests”. Have you had any that have not yet been returned? How would you feel if they weren’t? What’s the protocol going to be with this new PLN? David Warlick Tweeted the other day that he wasn’t sure whether he needed to join another network, but I was glad to see that he joined Diigo as I requested his “friendship” so I could check out his links.

How do you all feel about this? Are all of “your networks” on reciprocal? Do you follow everyone on Twitter that follows you? Will you accept all of your Diigo friend requests? How do you plan to manage all of this?

I’m looking to my PLN for suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Friend vs. Network vs. Follow

  1. Lisa – these are good questions, and I think it really depends on personality. For instance, I follow those people on twitter who seem to have something of value to add to the conversation – but each person has different qualifications for what the conversation IS. As for diigo, I have no problem accepting all of my friend requests as it’s very easy to use diigo without spending a lot of time “socializing” – sharing links can be enough. Hope this helps and love the new look to your blog!

  2. Thanks for the compliment Kate.
    I am having trouble following the conversations in Diigo – but I posted a suggestion in the conversation related to suggestions. I think it was the 29th comment there.

  3. Lisa, these are questions that I wonder about myself. I don’t personally follow everyone who follows me on Twitter. I also follow some folks who don’t follow me. I figure they get something out of my tweets…heaven only knows what! But some I just have to unfollow, especially if they’re tweeting a lot on things that don’t interest me. It’s hard enough to follow what is useful to me.
    Diigo, on the other hand, I find easier to reciprocate. I think it’s as Kate says…you can follow the links but not necessarily the conversation and still get a lot out of it.

  4. Laura, after the initial Diigo rage of last week wore off and the conversations weren’t so involved, I realized that what I had come to love in Twitter was different from what I was to experience in Diigo. What I’m starting to question now is if we’re all having a conversation about standardizing tagging, maybe we should have a conversation about standardizing what we call our “followers”. JK.


  5. Hi Lisa,

    I generally follow back people who follow me. My exceptions are people that seem to be followig only for marketing reasons, people who use profanity in their Tweets, and people who don’t speak English. I default to following everyone else back, knowing that I can always unfollow if I want to. I am such a Twitter evangelist, it would seem right to me not to follow people back.

    My list has grown a lot – and I definitely can’t keep track of all of the conversations that happen there. I always check my @messages and Direct Messages and try to respond if anyone has asked me a direct question. The good side is my network is so large, that if I Tweet a question I usually get a lot of answers.

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