Social Bookmarking Conundrum

A lack of resources has not been of concern in recent months. Between Twitter, Classroom 2.0, my personal learning network and the all the Edubloggers, there is a rich source of information on virtually any topic of interest to an educator looking for information on technology.

The proof was in the pudding this past week when many of us “ed techies” decided to give a try. Within a week’s time, here’s what has accumulated as resources (and I apologize if I left anything out):

Steve Harrigan from Classroom 2.0 hosted a live event using Eluminate. You can find the recording of the interview with Maggie Tsai from and the corresponding chat log at

Diigo also posted a video on Youtube.

Kristin Hokanson posted her thoughts and ideas on her blog at

Liz Davis did a Jing screencast which can be found at

Ryan Bretag posted his ideas as well as some great visual aides at

So, if you still need some help defining the difference between (which has been my preferred social bookmarking site and I will continue to use it) and Diigo (which claims to be more powerful than existing social bookmarking sites), I gently stear you towards the resources listed above.

You’ll find me on both networks. I set my Diigo preferences to bookmark on as well.

3 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking Conundrum

  1. I have proposed that we standardize tagging. A virtual meeting to discuss this is really needed. The best suggestion I’ve heard so far is by standard add-ons to tags. Just like Excel, Word and Flash use .xls, .doc and .swf to identify specific file types, we can use this strategy to create more efficient tagging.

    Example: If you tag something as Podcasting, you really don’t know if the resource is a best practice, how to or general topic. If you use multiple tags, you really can muddy the water with many more resources falling under the same tag. A proposed solution might be _bp for best practices _w2 for web 2.0, ect… This would allow for a resource to be tagged first as say wikis, but then make is more specific by adding wikis_bp. This would keep all tags automatically bundled together.

    I’d like to call for an online meeting to further discuss this. Thoughts.


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