Time for a new blog

Having been an unofficial “blogger” for many years using Blogger to author subject specific blogs for my job at the Center at Rutgers and then abandoning them because I lost interest or just plain got too busy, this time I decided that I would make a commitment to blog for myself.

Back in 2005 I had used Blogger to house content for a couple of graduate courses I was teaching as well as using it as a tool to teach educators about blogging. You can see my old blogs at http://www.lthumann.blogspot.com/. Much of the information is outdated and many of the links may be broken. I remember about six months ago contacting Blogger because a couple of my blogs mysteriously dissapeared from my dashboard. They were never recovered.

There are so many things that I am interested in as an ed tech specialist and I post my opinions on Twitter and other social networks and people’s blogs on a regular basis, but here in the year 2008, I decided it was finally time to dedicate some space specifically for what I think works for good teaching and learning. I bring you Thumann Resources. 

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