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2011 Edublog Awards

December 15, 2011

I just finished going through the list of winners from the 2011 Edublog Awards. I was particularly interested in the categories for the Best Class Blog, Best Student Blog and Best Teacher Blog as educators that I am working with are always looking for good examples. Please take a look at these:

Best Class Blog (top 5 winners)

  1. Mrs. Yollis’ 3rd Grade Class Blog
  2. St. Wolstan’s Transition Year Blog
  3. Mr. Buxton’s 5th Grade Class SAS
  4. Mr. Salsich’s Class
  5. 2KM And 2KJ @ Leopold Primary School

Best Student Blog (top 5 winners)

  1. Jaden’s Blog
  2. Miriam’s Blog
  3. Jake’s Blog
  4. Jarrod’s Blog
  5. Gemma’s Blog

Best Teacher Blog (top 5 winners)

  1. Brunswick Acres Art Blog
  2. allatc
  3. Teacher Tom
  4. Ms Mac’s Website
  5. In search of Scientific Creativity

Fantastic! All of them! And congratulations to all the nominees.

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